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Are you in danger of being fired or will you receive a dismissal proposal? Then contact our lawyers in Amsterdam for a defense or the best dismissal arrangement. We have more than 25 years of experience and achieve the maximum result for you.

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What is a dismissal lawyer?

A dismissal lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in dismissal law. The dismissal lawyer can give you advice and represent your rights and interests with your other party and the judge.
By hiring a specialized dismissal lawyer, you know that your interests will be properly represented in the event of dismissal.

Dismissal law in the Netherlands

An employer cannot simply dismiss an employee. According to the law, there must be a valid reason for this. The law only provides for a number of reasons for dismissal. But even if that reason occurs, an employer must meet strict requirements in order to dismiss you. Ask our dismissal specialists whether in your case the employer has a legitimate reason for dismissal and whether all legal requirements for dismissal have been met.

How does dismissal in the Netherlands work?

A dismissal can take place in a number of ways. If litigation takes place, this will take place through the subdistrict court or through a procedure with the UWV. But in most cases, termination of the employment contract is achieved through negotiation, with the negotiation result being recorded in an arrangement called a settlement agreement. In all these situations you can ask our specialized dismissal lawyers for help. We always aim for the optimal result for you.

The most important reasons for dismissal

In the Netherlands you can only be fired for a limited number of reasons. Below you can read the most common reasons.

Dismissal for business reasons

In the case of dismissal for business reasons, the employer wants to dismiss you because the company is doing worse financially or because he wants to reorganize. For these reasons, the employer can apply for a dismissal permit from the UWV. However, the employer must meet strict conditions to obtain a dismissal permit. We can assess for you whether the employer meets these conditions and defend you or negotiate the best severance package.

Dismissal and illness and burnout

In general, an employee cannot be dismissed during illness or burn-out. We can check whether this is also the case in your specific situation. We can also negotiate a good severance package for you, including, for example, good severance pay.

Dismissal due to dysfunction

An employer is often unable to achieve dismissal due to poor performance. This is because the judge sets strict rules, such as a good improvement process. We can help you try to avoid dismissal. However, if you are interested in a good severance package, our specialists can work hard to achieve this.

Dismissal due to a disturbed employment relationship

In some cases, the employment relationship between employer and employee, or between employees, has been seriously disrupted. That could be a reason for dismissal. But strict conditions are also imposed on such dismissal. Our specialists can inform you about these conditions and defend against dismissal or achieving a good dismissal arrangement on your behalf.

Immediate dismissal or due to culpable behavior

An employer may make serious reproaches about your behavior, for example. In some cases, an employer can summarily dismiss an employee in such situations or request dismissal from the court due to seriously culpable behavior.
Our specialists know in which cases you cannot be fired despite accusations from your employer. But in almost all cases we can try to keep your job or come to a good arrangement with your employer. Therefore, always ask for our help.

Dismissal via a settlement agreement

Most employment contracts in the Netherlands are terminated via a settlement agreement. This has the advantage that an often costly and stressful procedure is avoided. Moreover, a better result can often be achieved for an employee (for example, a higher severance payment) than through legal proceedings.
Our lawyers are specialized ( for over 25 years !) in assessing and negotiating settlement agreements. So if your employer offers you a settlement agreement, always have it checked by us. That's FREE.

Benefits of a dismissal lawyer in Amsterdam

As an Amsterdam dismissal office, our employees are well informed about dismissal situations in Amsterdam. We can therefore represent your interests excellently. For example, we can commit ourselves to:

  • keeping your job;
  • retaining your unemployment rights upon dismissal;
  • the maximum severance payment 
  • good other dismissal conditions, such as exemption from work with continued payment of wages, outplacement budget, etc.

Do you also want the best dismissal scheme or to avoid dismissal?

If you want to oppose dismissal or want the best dismissal arrangement, please contact our dismissal specialists in Amsterdam immediately. We aim for the best result for you. We are therefore highly rated in Google      ( 9.6! ).

Call 020 6 160 120 or email us. The first advice is free.

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