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Your employer wants to fire you or not to renew your employment contract. You will then have many questions. One of the most important questions will be: am I entitled to a severance pay (transition payment) in case of dismissal in the Netherlands?

The severance pay in the termination agreement

The most important agreement in a dismissal arrangement is often the amount of the severance payment. The law includes a regulation for the severance payment, namely the transition payment. The transition allowance is 1/3 monthly salary per year worked.

But beware, the statutory regulation on the transition payment is not a mandatory law. Employer and employee can make any agreement about the amount of the severance payment, both higher and lower than the transition payment.

Content of termination agreement

Many things can be agreed in a termination agreement, such as:

• What is the possible severance payment?
• Is the employee exempt from work?
• Are holidays paid, if so, how much?
• Which items (laptop, car, etc.) should the employee hand in, or may he keep them?
• How and when will colleagues be informed about the dismissal?
• Is the employee entitled to a positive certificate and positive references?
• What are the agreements about keeping company information confidential?
• Will any existing non-competition or relationship clause lapse?
• Does the employer reimburse the costs of legal assistance?
• Will final discharge be agreed?

Ask our specialists for help

An error or mistake in a termination agreement is easily made. It is usually not possible to recover from errors afterwards. The check of a dismissal contract by a specialist is therefore very important, for example in connection with unemployment benefits.
Our specialized attorneys and lawyers will be happy to assist you with your termination agreement.

severance payment transition pay

Higher severance pay possible?

In many cases a higher severance payment appears to be possible. Our specialists can assess this for you and negotiate with your employer for a higher compensation. In most cases we succeed in realizing a higher severance payment for the employee!

Advice and legal assistance with the transition payment. Higher reimbursement often possible!

The rules regarding the transition payment and any additional compensation are not simple. Therefore, always seek advice before agreeing to dismissal or compensation. Our lawyers and attorneys at Ontlagspecialist are specialized in all rules about dismissal. Based on this expertise, we can negotiate with your employer about a higher severance payment. The latter is especially possible if the reason for dismissal is debatable.

Avoid mistakes and always consult our specialists first. Call 0900 - 123 73 24 or email us.

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