Labour Law Lawyer - Employment lawyer in the Netherlands

If you are looking for a labour law lawyer or solicitor, you can come to
Ontslagspecialist. Our sollicitors and lawyers are specialized in Labour Law ( employment law ) and dismissal.

What is a labour law lawyer ( employment lawyer ), what can he do for you?

A labour law lawyer or solicitor is a lawyer or solicitor who is specialised in labour law.
Dismissal law is an important part of labour law. A labour law lawyer or solicitor does not
see dismissal cases as something extra like a general lawyer might. A labour law lawyer
or solicitor continuously handles dismissal cases and keeps up with case law and
literature on new labour laws and dismissal.
Closely monitoring labour law is important because there are labour law changes all the
time. This concerns the labour legislation, but also developments in jurisprudence.

For this reason, the labour law lawyer or solicitor is the right person to help you with
your dismissal. Thanks to his experience, he can provide you with quick and
knowledgeable service and get the best result for you. It does not matter what kind of
dismissal it concerns. The labour law lawyer or solicitor can help you with issues

• dismissal with immediate effect
• drawing up employment contracts
• help and advice in labour disputes
• dismissal via a settlement agreement
• dismissal for commercial reasons
• dismissal for (believed) malfunction
• Cantonal Court procedures
• UWV (Employment Insurance Agency) procedures

Why Ontslagspecialist is your perfect partner?

Only lawyers and solicitors specialised in labour law and dismissal work at
Ontslagspecialist. Most for over 20 years!
We are also well-informed on the Act on Work and Security, which went into effect in
2015 and radically changed labour law. That means we can also help you if you need a
dismissal law lawyer or solicitor.

Legal advice labour law

Are you an employer or employee, and do you want advice or further help with your
labour case? Contact our labour specialists. This way, you will prevent costly mistakes.
So call +31 (0)900 – 123 73 24 or send an email for help from a labour law lawyer or

Special offer: free settlement agreement check

Have you been offered a settlement agreement, or do you want to enter a settlement
agreement? Have it checked for free by one of our labour law lawyers and dismissal specialists.

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